Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Panoramic View of the Bay of Biloxi

I always use my BlackBerry phone in taking pictures. It is just handy and convenient. When I plan for a trip, I also bring my Digital camera but, I seldom use them. While I was taking some pictures from the balcony of the ISLE hotel, I noticed one function from my digital camera. It can capture a Panorama from either left or right direction. I tried it and it just stich the 4 pictures into 0ne. This is the result. We stayed in the ISLE of Biloxi for 3 days (Mardi Gras season) and most of the time, I stayed in the balcony looking at this view. AWESOME huh?

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Bay Bridge Between Biloxi and Ocean Springs

Last September Hubby and I went to Mississippi and stayed there for 5 days in two hotels. Well, Beau Rivage is one of my favorite hotels in the area but, it was frustrating to stay in a hotel where you cannot access the Internet. Our room is perfect and the view from the window was awesome but, with NO WIFI, it was totally ridiculous. We moved to the Isle Hotel in Biloxi. I took these pictures from the balcony of our room. It was gloomy and foggy that early morning but, later on the sunrise shows an awesome display along the Gulf. Oh yeah, WIFI in the ISLE? It's everywhere in the building! Anyone can access it whether at the marketplace, Lava bar, Starbucks, and just anywhere! I can't understand why Beau Rivage cannot give the exact privilege to their customers?Anyway, this is the Bay Bridge along Highway 90. This is over Biloxi Bay between the cities of Biloxi and Ocean Springs. The Bay Bridge is a replacement to the old bridge which was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. This bridge was opened in November 2007. It has a pedestrian path along the Gulf side area where people can use for jogging and have a bicycle ride.